Day 24: People Are Never Happy

Once upon a time there were two girls traveling the world. Let's call them Cleo and Laura.

They have an amazing and annoying job.

Amazing because it allows them to work anywhere for decent pay so they can travel. Annoying because the process of working and the clients are annoying. And annoying because it is work and they do not like that.

However, it does lead to important realizations about humanity.

Laura spent all day Sunday trying to be zen about the fact that she had no work to go and Cleo did. She said things to herself like "I NEED WORK. HECK. No, I am Zen. Who cares? It is a good reason to go drink coffee and watch weird Spanish street performers chase around after an imaginary flea named Peti."

This is what she said to herself. To Cleo and everyone else she said "This sucks. Work sucks. I need work. All I want is work. I am poor."

On Monday Laura got a lot of work. Now she is saying to herself and anyone who will listen"This sucks. Work sucks. I hate work. All I want is to go chase Peti around. I hate money."

Cleo pointed out that Laura is complaining no matter what. They decided companionably over lunch that this is not a commentary on Laura's personality, but on the fact that humans can never be happy. We should all learn from this.

I wish I could write more, but I have to go work...which sucks.


barbarakingsolver said...

so by "people", you really mean Laura, right?

Lana said...

(in 'the voice'): hi my name is lara, im a big baby, i complain a lot even though i'm in freakin granada drinking wine with hot claire, maybe its because i dont like my dilbert-head season-2 felicity haircut.... hehehe. bontz.


Claire and Lara said...

dilbert head season-2 felicity hair cut.

what a classic

Lana said...

thanks. it's said with love.

im sure this goes w.out being said, but 'the voice' i refer to is the semi-retarded voice. not quite the one i used at denny's to fake deafness... but close.

lord. so inappropriate.

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