Day 28: Live in Gaza! And Have 8 Children!

There once was a man from Gaza,
Who must have known much of lamaze-a
He had eight little kids
What a whole lot that is!
He kept fresh mint in a vase-a

A good limerick? Certainly not. Especially because you have to say part of it with a pretentious accent in order to make it rhyme. But it gets certain points across

Lara spent one entire night talking to the man from Gaza. He spoke some English and arabic. They supposedly communicated in English. This is how the conversation went:

ManFromGaza: "I have eight kids"
Lara: What?
MFG: 8 kids
Lara: how old are you?
MFG: 64 (he looks 35)
Lara: What?
MFG: 64. You have hashish?
Lara: What?
ItalianDude: (in Spanish) How old is he?
Lara: (In English) 64.
Italian Dude: No!
MFG: Hasish?
Lara: You're not 64.
MFG: Hahaha. (He felt he pulled off a very clever joke.) 34.
Lara: But you have 8 kids. How old is your wife?
MFG: 30.
ItalianDude: What? That makes no sense.
MFG: We were married when she was 15.
Lara and ItalianDude: Oh....wait. What?
MFG: Hasish?
Lara and ItalianDude: No.

Once we got past the hashish issue, it turns out that he was married at 17, first kid at 19 and has been churning them out ever since. He then made Lara Palestinian mint tea that kept her awake late, and made her recite what she remembered of the Quaran.

So they prayed together...him saying it correctly, and her mumbling various words along with him.

No one else found this strange. Lara did. As well as oddly reminiscent of days when her dad tried to teach her said prayer in Arabic. But her dad only has 2 kids. And is neither 34 nor 64.

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