Day 36: Our First Real Perks as Travel Writers

For three glorious days and two glorious nights, we each had our own suite at Riad Ariha in Marrrakech, Morocco. A Riad is classy Morrocan speak for "lodge" or "hotel" or something like that. Each suite was large, and included a very rustica-chic bathroom (Lara's had a cuppola with stars cut into it filled with colored glass), and air conditioning.

After showing up haggard and humid, we hurridly rushed to shower and put on presentable clothes and dark eyeliner so that we didn't look twelve anymore and the staff would believe that we were real travel writers. After getting snazzy we went downstairs with our business cards to begin an interview with Abdullah, who we thought was the owner of the place.

At one point in the interview, Lara inquired about the supposed owner's previous career (before he got into owning upscale riads). When he said that he used to sell vegetables and knick knacks in the market, we began to give eachother funny questioning looks. "Maybe he was just extremely ambitious and upwardly mobile," we thought.

Over the course of the next few days, we learned that Abdullah did not own the place, but rather a rich Canadian woman we had emailed with who we thought did their PR.

But don't worry, we'll get the facts all sorted out before we give you a link to our article (or write it, for that matter).

Go look at the pretty place here:

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