Day 41: ALERT: Author of "Save Karyn" Finds our Blog and (gasp) comments.

Karyn Bosnak, author of the hysterical bestseller SAVE KARYN, and ridiculous blogger extraordinaire ( MADE A COMMENT ON OUR BLOG! This is a picture of Karyn. She is hot, no?

This was her comment, #11 in the The Book List...What We Read:

Does four toiletry bags mean you liked the book??? Just curious.

(Save) Karyn

Which led to the following story of how we became almost famous and began hugging each other:

We were tired and grumpy last night when we arrived in the Canary Islands and checked our blog. We could have overlooked one small new comment on the book list where we update what we are reading and how much we liked the book based on the toiletry bag rating scale (4 toiletries bags is the best).

But we didn't. And it was the best day of Claire's (Lara, was it as good for you as it was for me?) life.

Lara: "Wait. I think someone is playing a very very mean and ill-begotten joke on us, Claire."

Claire: "I'm going to sleep."

Lara: "No. Really. Someone is pretending to be Karyn Bosnak."

Claire: "That IS really mean. Because we want to BE Karyn Bosnak, remember? Because Karyn Bosnak was the reason we started these blogs in the first place. Remember?"

Lara: "Every day. Every day."

Claire: "The world is full of mean people."

Thirty Minutes of Research by Lara Pass.


"It IS Karyn Bosnak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Why you should buy (and love) "Save Karyn":

Because the book is a true story about how Karyn Bosnak, making a very good salary at the time, went into credit card debt of over $20,000 due to things like pretty shoes. Then she started a website, saying that she was in debt and needed help, and asked people for money. She got out of debt, got a book deal, and got her life on track. Go crazy Karyn!



LeighAnn said...

I am on Karyn's site and I also agree.....4 is a great number. I think you should even up it to 5!

Claire and Lara said...

Your site is interesting Leigh Ann. But five is just too complex. We deal in even numbers. And with four no one has to sit in the middle seat of the Volvo.

Manic Mom said...

Of course, I found you on Karyn's site.

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