Day 44: ANOTHER ALERT: Author Karyn Bosnak (Save Karyn) also posts on Claire's Myspace

The Joy is neverending. Karyn Bosnak, bestselling authoress of "Save Karyn," who found our blog three days ago (see entire manic post on that below), has now officially posted on Claire's Myspace. This is the chain of events:

1. Karyn somehow (HOW?!!) finds our blog and posts.
2. We stalk Karyn and put the fear of God in her with a mildly over the top "WeloveyouKarynhowcanwebecomeyou" email.
3. We invite her to be our MySpace friend.
4. She posts on Claire's Myspace the following heartwarming comment:

Is this Claire of the famous Claire and Lara, worldwide traveler extraordinaires??? I'm writing a post about both of you right now... Check back later tonight!

See the magic here:

Does this mean Karyn will write something about us on her blog ( ?!!???! We think it might. What?!!??!!!

Lara has had a fever for a few days, and the place we are writing a "feature" on in the Canary Islands this week is G.H.E.T.T.O. and not very featurefull so we have nothing to do but think about Karyn Bosnak and how we are still not her. In our free time we (Claire) read Norman Mailer's Executioner's Song, which is 1100 pages of depresso speak. But we (Claire) are not allowed to stop because feverish Lara "loved it."

In our other free time we watch Beaches on repeat and cry a lot. No, seriously.


johanna said...

Have you read the Barbara Kingsolver essay on the Canary Islands from High Tide in Tuscon?

Claire and Lara said...

That is basically why we are in the Canary Islands, actually. Barb, ah Barb. We have talked about this, J. How the man on the plane yells at Kingsolver for having a child that makes noise? Are you Barb, Johanna?

Also: Thanks for sending HATETOHELP stuff!!!

johanna said...

It's true, we have talked about the noisy child on the plane. I remember the whistling language stuff the best though...investigate that.

I'm writing papers (finals week), and I swear I'm checking your blog about every 30 mins as a study break. This Save Karyn stuff is really enjoyably distracting from an argument I'm trying to make about what Wittgenstein says about culture.


Jonathan said...

sigh. no famous debtors ever read my blog.

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