Day 53: Claire's #1 Blog Dream

We are both working right now at our super amazing pay-us-to-insult-people-with-authority job that allows us to travel and blog with you fine people.

So of course Lara is IM-ing with old high school people who aren't actually sure who she is anymore, and Claire is scanning for ways to improve the blog. Is the blog that great? Um. No. Have we already sent all the emails we physically can tonight? Maybe.

In searching for online subsidies for our blog, Claire has decided that her number one blog dream is to somehow incorporate a digital re-playing movie pic. For example, Save Karyn has Will Farrell's "cow bell" skit of comedic genius playing at all times on her blog.

Claire, after a bit of thought, has decided that the one bit she wants is of a penguin waddling across ice and eventually falling in (cutely). She keeps acting it out because I apparently do not understand why it is so amazing. She's in fact still acting it out right now.

...still going. There are sound effects too.

I think this says a lot about our trip and the friendship dynamics that dominate at 3 AM in a Barcelona hotel room when both people are technically being independently productive. Oh, but now she says that if she emails the techie guy of her freshman dorm in college 7 years ago that maybe he could tell her how to put up the Penguin in real time. Andy Aymeloglu (spelling)? Are you out there?


Claire and Lara said...

As a follow up, Claire did a college alumni database search and has emailed Andy Aymeloglu (spelling?). So we will see if he responds on the whole penguin issue. That will be interesting.

Andy said...

Hey ladies,

I'm disappointed you needed to search for my e-mail address instead of having it permanaently memorized.

Anyhow, Claire, since the "movie" Karyn posted is just an image - a .gif file - it's really, really trivial to replicate. If you want it in one of your posts, just use the same html you'd use for adding any image (provided you've got a pic of your penguin uploaded somewhere). If you want the penguin in the "Links" section the same way Karyn did hers, just click on the "Template" tab of your blog, scroll down to the "Links" section of the HTML (or wherever you want it), and do something like the following:

<li><a href="Page I'm linking to goes here" target="new"><img src="URL of my penguin here">

You may need to set the width and height of your penguin if it's not of an acceptable size.

Now, if you really wanna do something tricky with a movie, you can play around with the "EMBED" HTML tag, which kinda works, but depending on your browser settings, might cause IE to whine at you to permit ActiveX controls every time you visit the page. You can check it out here:

EMBED command

Or here:

More embedding

Don't be strangers if you ever return to the Bay Area.

Jonathan said...


Tip I learned from years of blogging:

The most sure-fire way to make your blog boring is to talk about blogging. Meta-blogging is interesting to very few people.

(Luckily, I'm one of them, so you're OK).

Claire and Lara said...

blogging is interesting...maybe the meta-blogging problem has more to do with words like meta.

Claire and Lara said...

check out andy's really kick-ass blog at

it's sure to be found by good spellers everywhere.

r_y_a_n said...

Andy this is your freshman RA ryan. You rock.

Jonathan said...

I watched that cowbell video on Andy's blog for so long.

Claire and Lara said...

its the same one as on karyn's. that's part of andy's genius.

Lana said...

Ryan this is your freshman Otero resident Lana. Have I said hi to you yet? Andy you go boy.

Claire and Lara said...

to really round out this reunion all we need is shirin roaming the first floor halls at 6 am...or really anyone playing with that funny fire hose...or a staff member (ryan, marisa, and reagan excluded) macking on a resident...what was shirin's last name? let's find her. she's hella funny. so was lisa westmoreland, btw.

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