Day 59: TrippingOnMyCouch in Minorca/Menorca

We woke up, got some free breakfast and are now lounging in hot sun near turquoise water. Broke backpackers we may be, but acting like them we are not.

So we decided (a la karma project...) to pass on some joy.

Exporting sun? Not possible. Giving you a kickin' new blog to obsess over? Very possible.

Meet Amalia, Mali, she is affectionately known. She is the missing part of our writing triumvirate, defying any cliche remarks about three always being a crowd. She is the indispensible member who is holding down the fort at home in San Francisco, waiting around for our delinquent agents to call us back and sparking our ideas of finding new ones (yes! let's do it!) that treat us better in the true manner of all the feminizing workshops we may or may not have been exposed to in our modern liberal arts education. In the meantime, she is entertaining the masses with her spin-off of this oh-so-successful blog endeavour, and, you know, working and stuff (she's a food writer...and a very disciplined one at that).

To learn more about the good times and a true stay-at-home writer's rigorous schedule, see TrippingOnMyCouch: One Woman's Adventures Around Her Living Room. And P.S: We hear an even more destitutute TrippingOnMyFuton (think twentysomething life without IKEA) may be yet to debut as well.

Check it out. Amalia's funny. Funny enough to consider the penguin photo clip laugh-out-loud comedy. And funny enough to tell us when we're not being. Funny.


Amalia said...

lordy, that's a REALLY BIG picture of me.

Lana said...

mali looks hot and this blog is funny. trippingonmycouch is REALLY funny...but tripping on my FUTON? it just gets better and better! maybe i'll name mine trippingonmy... bedroom of my parent's home? too long. dammit.

johanna said...

would mine be trippingonbooks? because i do. however, it would be more meta to be trippingonblogs...whoa....

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