Day 78: Emotionally Yours, Lara

At the beginning of week 11 on the road, we now begin a month apart. The leaving, at 3.30 am from the Athens hotel room last night, was Lara's. She tried to get to Mumbai, India today, but got stopped along the way due to "unexpected technical difficulties." She is somewhere in a fancy hotel halfway to India on the airline's dime. Meanwhile, I (Claire) am still in Athens on the hotel chain's dime(s). The hotels are fine, and fancy, but for 190 euro you would think they could add a bottle of lotion to the toiletry assortment.

For 11 weeks I have not been out of touch with Lara for more than ten hours, and that was only when we were sleeping in two different hotel rooms. So I feel kind of empty here. But we've already google chatted for 55 minutes today when we should have been working, so it's not like we're that far apart.

Finally, I am concerned that people didn't believe us when we told you the motto for Air Sahara three months ago, so here it is.

Dear Lara: Wherever you are, think of me like Air Sahara. I am emotionally yours. Sincerely, Claire


LeighAnn said...

That is so sweet. You guys are really close.

Jonathan said...

are you both going to be writing here? it could get schizophrenic.

r_y_a_n said...

I liked this post.

Emotionally Yours,


Lana said...

how touching. i'm sobbing with emotion. i miss you girls so much its almost disgusting. almost. mostly its sweet. like this post.

emotionally yours

Candice said...

I love your new (super professional) look.

Andy, can you help me now? PP

Your emotional fan.


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