Day 109: Lara's Feverish Musings

Lara’s four day fever has finally broken. Although she claims to be happy by this, I (Claire) think in reality I am more excited, because sickness has turned her into some kind of elderly person without the capacity to filter her sometimes inappropriate comments on general life. I’m also excited for her to get out of bed so that I can stop acting as her personal secretary (we have both decided that our lives would be dramatically improved by the addition of such a figure), sitting here on the other side of the room typing her extremely inane, boring, and yet pressing email responses:

“Dear Benjamin, We are looking forward to arriving at the CS Resort on September 21. Please let us know about the meal plan during the stay, as we have heard good things about the cuisine at CS! Best, Lara”

“Dear Simithra, It is unclear to us if you are suggesting a pick up from the airport, or from the Phuket bus terminal (??) In any case, we believe we will be arriving by plane from Bangkok, so please tell Simon that it would be the airport. Best, Lara”

“Dear David, I did not see the essay attached to the thank you email you sent me on Saturday. I will make sure to have this back to you with edits by Monday afternoon! I am really looking forward to it! Best, Lara”

This, on top of listening to her endless commentary on the BBC, which peaks with such sentences as, “Condoleeza Rice is an insipid fool,”* and, “Half the time it seems that even British people are putting on their accents for show.”

*Lara demands I write in the following: As a child, Claire’s father told her that he had another daughter, ConGaleeza (conveniently Stanford provost at the time), who lived in a bad part of Berkeley and was always nice to him, particularly when Claire was not nice and hugging like an "oak table". When Claire’s family moved briefly across the country, ConGaleeza came in the duffle bag on the top of the volvo. Undoubtedly this has had no long term effects whatsoever on Claire's emotional health.


Lana said...

seriously, the congoleeze story kills me every time. and lara, that british people putting their own accents on comment made me laugh so hard i had to show it to my british coworkers. they smirked. a little.

oh please tell the story about teh quiet button too. another lance williams classic.

Another twentysomething said...

I love it. Being sick IS like turning into an old person! But I'm glad she's back to feeling normal. She'll have plenty of time to complain about what's aired on the BBC when she's sitting in her moomoo eating porridge. For now, cary on travelling twentysomethings!

Jonathan said...

all of your widgets and penguin movies are making the load time for TrippingOnWords quite long. is there a non-widgeted version somewhere?

bbop said...

Regarding Lara's hair growing out again from one of your postings weeks ago, she can lighten it up by applying one cup of lemon juice mixed with 3 cups of cooled chamomille tea to dry hair and then sit in the sun for 1 hour. Since you are at a beachside resort and probably can get these ingredients in India, give it a try.

Claire and Lara said...

slow loading time is the cross we bear for widget use

Directory Gal said...

The blog name made me think about my younger days when I was doing drugs on a regular basis. I guess traveling is like a drug!! Get's you high.

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