Day 80: Alitalia: Really Not Yours in Anyway At All

Things happen when you travel like planes getting cancelled. But Alitalia...oh Alitalia...was just so Italian about it,.

They told us the flight was cancelled an hour after it was supposed to board. Then sent us to a nice hotel with a fitness center and sauna. However, the treadmill did not work though I pressed every button many many times.

Though they were supposed to call us and tell us about rerouting our flight, they never did. So a bunch of grumpy people arrived at the Milan airport at 5 AM to await instructions. Miraculously, they got us all on a flight to mumbai.

When the flight was delayed two hours, there was nothing to be done but sit and wait. Except for a couple of Italians who snuck into the airport bathroom together. Mile high club? You might be thinking. But in actuality it was just a smoking break. Legal? Hell no. Did the stewards care or comment? No.

Then, to add insult to injury, we realize an hour into the flight as it starts to get dark, that none of the individual lights on the plane work. As the cabin gradually goes pitch black, people begin to complain to the flight attendants. They began pouring coffee and tea around and explaining that they were not electricians.

So 5 hours later, we arrive in Mumbai. Oh to be on Air Sahara. At least emotionally, I would have felt supported.

So the conclusion (in SAT speak) is this:

Air Sahara= relationship involving too much communication about feelings as opposed to Alitalia= Jenny's boyfriend on today's hatetohelp posting.

But it is behind me now. I am in Mumbai. It is hot. It is humid. But it is exciting and un-Italian. Tomorrow at 9 AM, I go work in a leper hospital. Don't worry, Claire...not in any of your clothes.

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