Day 82: Monsoons are a big deal so get a t-shirt

It is raining in India. Like a lot. I may be from the East coast of the US, and I know they've been getting lots of rain lately. But this is some serious rain. As the BBC meteorologist chick said "It is a truly astonishing amount of water falling..."

As a result of the fact that all the roads, trains and even the scrappy bicycle rickshaws are starting to float away, we have not been able to get to the clinics (leper or otherwise) that we were supposed to the last couple of days. So we have had lots of time to sit in our hostel, watch Can't Hardly Wait on StarTV and sleep. It has been good for jet lag (which I have though I only came from Milan). Bad for boredom. It is extremely difficult just to cross the street to the handy internet cafe.

But we did have a thrilling game of soaking wet football (soccer) out in the monsoon. It was lovely. Wet and barefoot and probably disease ridden...but fun nonetheless.

As one of my colleagues was kicking mud at my face in an attempt to get the ball out of a puddle, I could not help but notice his t-shirt. Simple, funny...nicely fitting.

Turns out, he, like me, is not yet entrenched in medical school and he has time to do fun things like start a t-shirt design company. The shirts are very cool and can be found here:

Check it out and help a poor, mud-kicking, soon to be med student (and his friends...)

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