Day 90: India is Crazy

things have been a little nuts in ol' mumbai these days. Riots that kick me out of internet cafes because they have to cover the store with metal, bombings that kill 186 people...

it has been chaos. thankfully, everyone in my program is safe (check out what we do HERE) and sound and back together again after being scattered around last night. The bombs hit the train stations closest to us, so things were a bit chaotic to say the least, but definitely inching back to normal.

Just wanted to let all know that I was safe and still in love with this country. And to say thank you to all the concerned emails I got after the fact.

Only a few more days, dear Claire, till we're back on the road again. And by "back on the road" I mean dragging ourselves down to the lovely resort town of Goa for some sweet sweet beach lovin'...

assuming that it's not monsooning again.

We thank photographer extraordinaire Simon Fuller for the photo.

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r_y_a_n said...

From Lara's program's website:

"Students attending this program will be able to rotate at some of the biggest infectious disease hospitals in India and see a variety of pathologies that they may never get the opportunity to see at home"


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