Day 110: My Defense

Last night, Claire and I sat six inches apart on our computers in front of bad TV. It was grand. I coughed; she breathes funny sometimes. Lucky for me, I had the foresight to transcribe our working comments to each other.

So maybe I didn't hear Claire correctly this morning...but I feel that you will all understand soon that I am not the only one who does not always listen. Please note in the following dialogue transcription that where only one of us is speaking it means that the other (rudely!) did not respond to such varied and scintillating conversation topics.

L: “He might be online now…just IM him”
C: “I have a deadline in, like, ten minutes so…”
L: “So you want me to keep talking nonsense, then? Because I can…”

L: “I hate our job.”

C, later: “I hate our job”

L: “Hey Claire… (quoting from work essay) “I grew up in the former Yugoslavia…”
C: “No…no!…no!”

L: “Hey Claire! Jack says in Russia that we just need to be able to understand cyrilic writing to get around Russia. So he’s going to teach us.”
C: “Really? This is our big plan?”

L: “Oh yeah. I can show you how to do computer post-it-note-thingys later.”

L: “Don’t let your book cover have any shiny letters…it automatically downgrades the value and makes it look more airplane book-ish.”

L: “In the restaurant during dessert, they were playing clubbing music. It was all (singing and doing sitting down dance moves) you got me going crazy! Turn me up! Turn me on!”
C: (still typing…not looking at Bollywood-inspired dance genius) “yeah. That’s how it is at breakfast too.”

L: I think “paragraph” is my most frequently misspelled word. Thank God for SpellCheck…am I right, or am I right?

L: “Weird…I feel like I’m falling…but I’m sitting still. Cool….kind of. Wonder if my fever’s back?”


Lana said...

lara. you're seriously brilliant. not only is this hilarious, but i'm certain this is fairly accurate as well. especially claire's "so this is our big plan?" (dry dry voice). i can totally see all these conversations taking place. no really, i can see-see them. in front of me. bc i'm there. look behind you.


Lana said...

dude i just re-read this one (like months later!) bc i remember that it was funny and when i read the clubbing music during dessert part, i imagined lara singing "turn me up, turn me ooon" and i started smirking in class. in my death penalty class. and i couldnt wipe the stupid smirk off my face for like, 15 minutes. bad news bears.

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