Day 115: Claire Kicks Lara

It is 7:30 in Goa and my adventurous travel buddy is asleep beside me. Napping? Sleeping off a crazy night? Negative. She was tired, so she is sleeping...hopefully, she says, for the night.

As we wait to post on our adventures of yesterday evening (it was a doozy! No worries, mum...home by 9:30), I figure I am going to retaliate against claire's mockery of my sick self with a commentary on her sleeping self.

Tonight...for example. A typical evening:

Face Lotions 1-3 applied. She is into moisturizing.

Turns on the AC

Turns on the fan

Turns off the fan

Fan back on

Pillows plumped


Pillows re-plumped

Eye mask on, ear plugs in

Pillow 1 plumped before Pillow 2 is put over her head

Blankets pulled over pillows

Readjustment of EVERYTHING

Silence. Blissful silence.

She starts kicking. And give it thirty seconds...oof. Kicked me again.

No worries...I have not lost my touch; I know that this post is not that funny. This is just my life...and I feel those who have seen this particular ritual will appreciate that it has not changed, it will not change, and it is inevitably a major part of my day. I wish I had a picture...but I do not want to wake her.


court said...

i love claire's routine... though def know what you mean about her night kicking... she's done that for years... but good thing there aren't any bears in goa... when claire and i were like 7 and 8 we went backpacking every summer.. at that age we had our own tent.. there was one night she had to go pee really she woke me, dragged me outside, and made me accompany her to our little rock toilet to save her from the bear she thought was outside the tent. claire's nightly routines have always been elaborate.

psycho-therapist said...

ha! this sounds scarily like my ritual except i don't kick and don't fall asleep before the other person. NO ONE sees me sleeping unless i am knocked out. (weird weird ability to know when i'm being looked at- even in REM)

love your travel journals... keep it up!

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