Day 132: Bewildered, Ecstatic, Grateful, Unshowered, Altitudinally Challenged

So we have many stories to share about our last 11 days up here...Everest is big, its memorial near the summit is impressive but creepy, altitude can send a marathon-runner into 18 hours of sleeping bag delirium, a 'guide cum porter' in the same "I hate questions" T-shirt (what is that? we asked anyway...)started smelling a lot more like the yak he kept teasing us about pretty quickly, and a 5-month old shaved head o' curls got real experimental.

Claire's interest in an email from home to find out if her father was going to jail prompted her to check her email after 11 days...little did she know what she was getting into...

Bestest Blog of the Day? Blog of Note? Emails from home and more comments than we had ever imagined got us onto the blog and insanely excited. And confused:

What is a blog of note? How did we get this? Is our crazy excitement justified?
Ad Sense: How to do? Didn't we already do this? Why aren't we making money?
How do we get a song to play when you click on the blog?
What song do you all want to hear?

At 40 cents a minute (in Nepal!) this is costing more than all the yak cheese we've eaten in the last 11 days put together. But we so appreciate all the blog love that we had to give back...Thank you Thank you for giving two very dirty girls with 5 months of 24 hour contact something new to talk about.

But now we must head off for our first showers (hot, we know) and to a teeny tiny plane home* to Kathmandu where we will post prolifically.

But to make the whole post a little more interesting and international, a brief language lesson:

1. Kukur: Nepali for mangy but charming dogs that follow you for hours a day

2. The Native American Indian (as told to us by the former agricultural commissioner of North Dakota who we trust with the proper, if prolific and confusing, terminology) translation of "Vegetarian" is "Poor Hunter." We say thanks to Lara's dad for the email from said former commissioner...that insult to Lara's eating habits cost forty cents.

*In editing this for strange keyboard concerns we realized we had called Kathmandu home. Turns out, home is where the internet is.


FarmerM said...

Man - I am very glad you are down!!! All the mt everest sites spend all their time talking about High Mt altitute Sickness and all the various awful manifestations of same. Have you both got all your toes, fingers and noses ?(pl for fun)! Did you loose anymore of your marbles up there?

SD said...

U have to b pretty busy climbin on everest and writin ur blog at the same time! i'd say ur blog is 2 beautiful 2 miss it. waitin 4 new posts!

Pat said...

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Steph and Fatty said...

Gee, u guys must be pretty brave to conquer Everest! Frig, if i did that, i'd consider myself like the Tomb Raider! Good job, now i most also mention, it must have been pretty cool to see a yak!

Lana said...

girls, i'm so glad you're home safe! i cant wait to hear more!!!

yeah put a song on your blog. remember my last few suggestions? i have a few more. one is justin timberlake's hot new "sexy back" song - i want to see claire hampster to JT. OR it should be promiscuous girl. not that it relates to either of you*, but just because that song's got a hot beat. what, it does.

LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Alexandria said...

Maybe the crazy frog song, because it would get stuck in people's heads and that way everytime people start to hum the song they will remember Lara and Claire

glad you were safe on Everest!


bbop said...

Claire and Lara--Way to go and so glad you are back down. I can't wait to find out more about your adventures. Your blog has attracted alot of new friends!! Everything Ok here, Claire.

El DueƱo said...

i was tripping on the internet, and get stock in here. kinda interesting what ur doing.
so my best. hope that u can make it

alvaro from chile

r_y_a_n said...


Scaryhours said...

big deal, the label fell off this can in the cupboard and I didn't care I opened it think is chef-boyardee dont know how long it was there I nuked and ate it... you've been served

Ched said...

Sweet story.

Diego said...

Plan B was approved today, I would like everyone's opinion on it and how you think it will affect society, go to and leave your comments.

just thinking said...

hmm... maybe i'll climb everest someday... I've been looking for projects to do with my honey. :D

Adam said...

Race to the top and yell as loud as you can like a ninjabat. That's what I did atop of Fuji. Sickness only lasts as long as a bowl of slick noodles brews. It's an outdoor clutch worth experiencing however.

Anonymous said...

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Would love if you could check out mine.

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Beth Danae said...

hello from a Hong Kong reader, like your writing style and humor, will check in now and then...

alisicia said...

Hi Claire, I thought you all might like to use this to further your bible studies while you all are traveling!

The Shepherds Chapel

Enjoy your studies! alisicia

unknown artist said...

Good work. Nice stories :)

herewegoagain said...

TELL about the memorial! I've actually never heard of it. And I read every scary story of disasters on Everest ever printed. So, yeah, it's so good to know you are back!

Thanks for the 40 cents a minute updates. Your fans love them. Thanks for visiting my blog too. You girls are my latest heroes. Keep it up.

Waxing HURTS!

Claire and Lara said...

happy birthday lawyer lana!

we are intrigued by the frog song...what is it like?

Claire and Lara said...

I am posting for a reader as she encountered some problems with error messages. We understand this well, as internet-related problems of unkown origin are our forte:

so Pieddings says:

"I think "Turns out, home is where the internet is." makes a great motto for the millenium."

thanks! emails are fun!

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