Day 135: Help Needed Picking Bridesmaid Dresses

Today we are working, waiting for some strange kind of cultural buffet thing the hotel is taking us to which begins at 8. We still have no laundry, so that will be interesting, but the Hotel Manager assures us that not only are we getting meals, but Two Entire Free Beers.

While we await this event, though, we need help. When we return to the US briefly in December, we are doing so for holiday fun and a very special friend's wedding in which we are bridesmaids. We are having trouble picking our dresses, and have 48 hours to do so.

There are four options below. Please pick one for each Claire and Lara. And imagine them in a strong, bold, Hunter Green. The number of votes for each (in the comments, or emailed to will determine which we choose. To help you, we have included a handy description of the respective body types of Lara and Claire.

Claire's Option 1:
Claire's Option 2:

These two dresses are Claire's two best options. To decide which is best, think of Claire's body (in editing this, Lara has decided to put the disclaimer in that all body thoughts should be non-creepy so really imagine a Claire-shaped mannequin) At nearly 5 feet 5 3/4 inches, she is a monstrosity, with long legs that make people think she is a full inch taller than her actual stature. Most importantly, though, she a trim figure, kind of like a small shrub. She has dirty blond hair that is long and her total fingers and toes total 20. Maybe you can find some pictures of her on this blog.

These are Lara's two final runners up.

Lara's Option 1:
Lara's Option 2:
Lara is a short being, 5 feet 9 inches and some change, and often has trouble getting through doorways because of all the extra space of air whooshing at her. She has short hair, which can look Audrey Hepburnish or Derelicte-esque (read homeless), depending on her mood, her styling putty, and the humidity (note: it is now monsoon season). Most importantly, she has sparkling white teeth and has come to hate the word "gangly." Finally, thanks to for the pictures of these fine women in *our* dresses.


Heidi-Rose said...
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Heidi-Rose said...

I like Claire's to be option 2 and Lara's to be option 1. They are all very pretty dresses, but those I think are the prettiest. You guys decide though. And 2 free beers! Lucky you! :)

Lana said...

lara, either would be hot, but number 2 in particular would look smokin in you. so go for #2 for sure.

claire, i think it's a win-win situation. i cant really tell what dress #2 looks like bc she's sitting down, so that makes me want to lean towards dress #1.

that color is going to look SO HOT on both of you! ay ay ay!!!

Alexandria said...

I agree with lana- option 1 for claire and 2 for lara,

And, at the soaring height of 5 foot 5 (and 1/2), I seem to have the same problem as claire...


Digital Art Photography for Dummies said...

I like Claire 1 and Lara 2, but what do I know, I'm just a random guy, who, if I were the photographer, make both options look fabulous!

Allie said...

Claire = 1
Laura = 2

FarmerM said...

2 for both of you but definitely 2 for lara (maybe i can't stand the pink of 1 for claire even though it is perhaps a better style)

Stickler said...

Claire's Option 2 and Lara's Option 1. Best part of traveling was the lack of clean laundry, I really learned to appreciate the smell of sweat, if only other could have too!

James said...

Claire: Option 2
Lara: Option 1

spadrez said...

Claire - def #2
Lara- #1 (I like short dress and strapless)

diana said...

Can't really see both dresses very clearly given the size of the pictures, and is having trouble loading.

But I will vote for Option #1 for both of you. Long dresses in Hunter Green can overwhelm blondes and short people (I will vouch for this point, standing at a pathetic 5'0" myself). For Claire, I like Option #1 because it is kinda empire-lineish (see here) and that cut is usually flattering (read: it makes all girls, whatever their shape, look boobier than they actually are: see here). There's also this one as an alternative to Lara's Option #1.
Sidenote: Short people look taller when their hems end just above the knee.

No dress is ever complete without shoes and therefore there is Anne Klein's mid-heel sandal in black, champagne or beige-metallic (which is really more like pale gold) here but if you don't feel like spending that much, there are also quite acceptable options here , here and here (with my vote for the Annie Sadies - and pedicures please).

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

I like Claire's choice # 1 , and Lara's choice #2. And, by the way, I tried to post a comment a couple of days and kept getting errors, so here it is. I think "Turns out, home is where the internet is." makes a great motto for the millenium.


Claire and Lara said...

Di: We're getting in on jetstarasia (as per your travel agenty suggestions) from cambodia on the 27 of Sep. I think. Lara leaves around the 1 and I leave the 2 for Paris. Because who doesn't go to Paris for a week on the way to Beijing (long story). I will naturally email all actual facts personally, but felt that your information was so incredibly extensive as per the dresses and shoes that I had to say something. And, well, nothing else came to mind.

We met some Singaporeans hiking Everest and told them we were going to the Fullerton for High Tea and they were very encouraging, speaking rapidly to one another in their mother tongue about how it is nice.

Claire and Lara said...

The Allie chick is pretty. But that's not Stanford's Ali Boozer, right?

jm said...

Claire option #2, Lara option #1.

Awesome blog, girls. A new daily read for me. Lots of laughs.


bbop said...

I would vote for Option #2 for both of you. According to owner Jackie on Work Out (a new Bravo reality show involving a high end exercise studio in Beverly Hills where tempers flare and trainers are fired) the most flattering look for women for work out clothes is a v-neck with halter back. Granted we are talking about fancy dresses here but the v-neck thing still applies.

Beth Danae said...

I would vote #2 for both of you.

Claire and Lara said...

further information: the bridesmaid dress breakdown amongst the maids is 2/3 long (as in 2/3 are wearing long, 1/3 short)


Bobo Bean said...

"The dresses are nice. Grace poops in her pants a lot."
To Claire: "The brown one sounds yucky, soooo...I like the pink one a lot."
To Auntie Ah: "I want the green one."

Pooh Bear said...

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Sister of note said...

Claire: I disagree with John - I think that the fabric for the first dress is much nicer than the satin of the 2nd. Hunter green AND shiny just sounds like a dismal combination.

Lara: I am torn. Both would be nice, but your mother points out that it is a winter wedding and long is warmer. Mothers are generally smart about these things, I guess (of course, I am a mom, and I needed yours to tell me this - apparently I have some evolving to do before Grace's first prom).

PS - Check your email obsessively for pictures over the next 24 hours. I am about to post a chunk.

Writer Girl said...

i vote for both option 1's. although it would help if the pictures weren't so teeny. but they all look like gorgeous dresses. i think it would be pretty hard to go wrong, no matter what you choose.

Claire and Lara said...

It should be explained that this post from "pooh bear" is not spam: it is the genius typing of lara's 1 and a bit year old niece.

And bobo bean is her 3 and a bit year old nephew.

These comments will understandably seem odd to normal viewers, but actually they are the best ones we have ever received.

Thanks Sister of Note!

Anonymous said...

Claire 2, Lara 1.

sarah mac said...

for claire, #1 is's the perfect cut for a petite-ish stature and i hate #2's cowl-neck...but that's just me

for lara, i fancy #1 since i'm afraid that #2 in hunter green (ick) will look way too forest fairy/pregnant julia roberts for anyone's good

BUT, if you want dresses that you can reuse, it's best to go with the opposite of my recommendations above...sassy and a strapless in hunter green will positively scream "bridesmaid dress!!!" and depending on the fabric, may not respond well to dye (i.e. BLACK!!!). so if you choose the opposites, pair them with dangly earrings, brown nailpolish and go barefoot to a candlelit poetry reading in the park.

Anonymous said...

Hello ladies!
I just thought I would send over my choices for your bridesmaids dresses. Since I am a bridesmaid in a wedding coming up next year I thought I would check out the dresses on and had loads of fun playing around with styles and colors (and thank you for giving me a delightful way to procrastinate at work!)
For Claire I would say Option 2. I liked both of them, but there is something about that second dress that I really loved...maybe because the skirt looks so fun to twirl in :)
For Lara I think my pick would also be Option 2. I went back and forth and it's difficult to see it much bigger than the web pic, but it looks like a beautiful style and I think the length would be great for someone Lara's height.
Naturally, since I've never met you two I could be totally off on what would look best, but those are my pics to do with what you will. I'm sure whatever you choose you guys will look great and will have a wonderful time.
Congrats on making it to your island paradise and I hope there is some good news about Claire's dad soon. I have some attorney friends who also happen to be very into baseball so I am forwarding your post on to them as well to get some more people to write to Sen. Specter and anyone else who might be able to help. Best of luck and best wishes on the rest of your travels! Can't wait to read about them!

renee said...

Hi Claire and Lara,

I personally like Option 1 for both of you, although I'm a little concerned that if those are the colours as well, they may clash? You'll have to stand on opposite sides if that's the case!

I love your blog, and admire your enterprise in funding your way. Hope you are sufficiently recovered from an excess of Yak milk and have found some clean, dry clothes!

I have only just started reading your blog, and haven't checked out the older posts yet, but if you head NZ way (my home), I may be able to give you some contacts... I'm living in London now, but plan to go back to NZ eventually.

Have a good one!

doug said...

First off, I would rate the dress options but I ran into a few problems, mainly:
1) I'm a guy and thus have no idea what's in/out/looks good/doesn't look good but is expensive so by default looks good
2) Other than a picture from your hike of Everest I have no idea what you look like
3) I have no idea what shade of green "hunter" is...maybe my ultimate downfall

Just wanted to say I'm really enjoying the blog. I'm leaving in November to go to New Zealand for awhile and all your stories are only increasing the excitement. I'll just have to continue to live vicariously through you two until I head out. Keep up the good work!


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