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And that’s what this is going to be: teamwork. Claire and I are going to use our new-found popularity to encourage everyone to get political in order to aid Claire’s father's attempts to stay out of jail as our horrid government forgets the First Amendment. But that is just our tiny unbiased opinion. You can always look at our ongoing links to the interesting BALCO/Game of Shadows/Barry Bonds drama, but in the meantime we wanted your help. Claire’s family would love all the support they/we can garner from you souls. The prognosis is not so hot, and help is needed and appreciated.

This is my father's letter to the masses asking you to get informed and write our fine, fine, congress. Ah, what fineness indeed. There is a bill being shoved around right now, which is of note, that could help all the Judith Millerized journalists out there. Also of note is that George Bush does not remember when he handed Claire’s father a nice award in 2005 and "thanked him" for the service he had given our country through the stories. If you would like to see this picture, or
the picture of Lance interviewing the older Bush, it can be found in the not so master bathroom of Lance and Barb, toilet side. This week, there was a nice "BLAST AGAINST JUSTICE: SCOOP IS, THEY'RE HEROES" article in the NY Daily News, and the New Yorker interviewed them, so look out for that article as well. Stay informed with the SF Chronicle or the SF Chronicle's Balco page and/or first amendment blog (links
all below).

So do your best for the cause, or send us emails that say interesting things in them at any of our eight million email addresses. Please post this letter and/or pass it on, and, if anyone ever finds a digitized version of their April appearance on the David Letterman show, we’re still looking - so let us know.

Be well and stay happy, healthy, and well groomed,

Claire and Lara


Dear Friend:

Thank you for your interest in our reporting on the BALCO steroids scandal for the San Francisco Chronicle, and for our book, Game of Shadows. Here's an update on the government's attempts to force us to identify the confidential news sources
who aided us in our reporting.

As you may know, in May, a federal grand jury subpoenaed Mark Fainaru-Wada and me as part of an investigation into our stories on Barry Bonds and the BALCO case. The subpoenas were approved by US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. In court, the prosecutors have claimed they have right to force reporters to identify
their confidential sources whenever the government decides it wants the information. On Aug.15, a judge in San Francisco upheld the government's position and ordered us to testify. That ruling is being appealed by lawyers for the Chronicle and Hearst Corporation.

Mark and I gave our word that we would not betray our sources, and we intend to keep our promise. We believe our subpoenas raise critically important First Amendment issues. To get true information for important stories, reporters must be able to speak confidentially to people. If the government succeeds in using the threat of prison to coerce reporters into betraying their sources, many people will be afraid to talk to reporters, and the press will no longer be able to report on the workings of government in the way it has for more than 200 years.

Some people have asked how they could help us. I would personally appreciate it if you wrote a letter to Congress advocating the enactment of a federal reporter's shield law.Today 49 states have shield laws or other legal protections that allow reporters to maintain confidential sources, but no federal shield law exists. A shield law would certainly help head off future cases like ours. So
a letter or e-mail to Sen. Arlen Specter, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, urging him to push forward on the shield legislation now pending before the Congress, would be most helpful. A CC to your own Rep. would also be useful. Below are links for contact info for Congress and background on the BALCO case.

Thank you so much.

Lance Williams

Now doesn't he seem like an eloquent, articulate and upstanding fella? Help him out!


Here's How To Get Actively Involved:

Contact Senator Specter

Contact the House of Representatives

Here's Some History:

SF Chronicle's BALCO Coverage

SF Chronicle's Motion to Quash the Subpoenas

Affidavits in Support of the Chronicle's Effort

Thank You!

You can make a difference to Claire's Family and therefore her friend Lara who must travel with her and prefers cheery un-constricted by conservative government-type people as travel buddies...


Claire and Lara said...

Some of the email campaigns nice people are helping us with....Thanks Adam C!

My parents' friend Lance Williams is catching legal flak for revealing the steroid scandal involving some of our nation's premier professional and Olympic athletes. I got the following email from his daughter, including a portion from Lance himself. If you think a free press is another important part of a democracy, please take the time to contact some people in Washington. It will only take you 5 minutes and you can go to sleep tonight knowing you took part in government. In addition, Lance is a great guy and can truly be seen as a hero for revealing corruption and betrayal of the public trust. It's the very least you can do.


PS I re-arranged the email some: contact info first, then Lance's email, then Claire's.

eric said...

Thanks for sending. I was wondering about how the Williams family was holding up after reports that Lance and Mark may go to jail to protect their sources. I'll send a letter to Specter tonight and you let you know if I get any kind of response. I am one of his constituents after all.


kk said...


I'll send one too!

jodi... said...

i am so sorry to hear this about your dad! last i heard he was doing all the promotion for this hot book!

this country really needs an ass kicking. not by another plane or hurricane, but by the people that have brains. (or even half a brain).

Lana said...

i made my save lance wife beater/sharpie shirt. im gonna wear it thursday to school. what's particularly great is that supreme court justice Scalia is teaching a course at my school these days, so im going to wear it around him and try to talk to him about the case. i'm hoping i can get a photo of me with scalia, WHILE wearing the shirt. if i cant, ill take a pic of myself wearing it anyway and then email it to you so that you can post it on your blog and inspire other people to do the same. also, that way, you can see my new bangs.


Claire and Lara said...

The support here is really overwhelming. We've been swamped with nice emails. Someone wants us to put up a letter template to make it easier for them to send...

But we think it'd be more fun for Lana to market her ghettofabulous freelance style. Take a pic lanita so we can post it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bbop said...

Lana-thank you for designing and wearing your wife beater to class!!

lana said...

who is bbop? is that lance?

my shirt says "free lance!" then on the back it says (and mark!) in parenthases (sp?).

i'm gonna wear it again on tuesday, ill take photos then, i hope i find my camera (its been lost for like 3 weeks). i really hope i see scalia.

sarah said...

Congrats on making it to your island paradise and I hope there is some good news about Claire's dad soon. I have some attorney friends who also happen to be very into baseball so I am forwarding your post on to them as well to get some more people to write to Sen. Specter and anyone else who might be able to help. Best of luck and best wishes on the rest of your travels! Can't wait to read about them!

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