Day 144: Hola!!

We are movin' on up in Thailand. In that we moved more North...however, we have left a heavenly resort (see previous post) behind and ended up at one that seems more like some chain hotel on a deserted highway in the middle of nowhere. Except that it's surrounded by cheap shops...lovely.

Luckily, it took quite some time to get here. Because in Thailand they use ferries that take approximately an hour to cross water we could have swum across in approximately ten minutes. The reasons for such an unnecessarily complicated endeavour when a bridge would have been easy and convenient escaped us, but absolutely infuriated the uber-efficient Germans traveling with us. But at least we gained some important knowledge:

1. Hola! or Pola! may or may not be Thai for "beer," "I want," "you want," or "beautiful." This confusion arises because whenever "Number 1!" (Claire) asked about what it meant, "Number 2!" (Lara...according to our drivers) found that the words were the "same same" as whichever English equivalent we offered..."but different." This is now our favorite Thai phrase.

2. We need help with this one. Driving off the aforementioned horrifically slow ferry, we saw these words on a car window: "No have noan tell Love who?"

Ideas on what this could possibly mean???

Fun with learning!

PS: Please do not be concerned regarding recent blog input that Claire's credit card has been cancelled. We are aware of the problem. This is the same credit card Lara used to pay for charges at our last hotel, signing Claire's name despite the fact that Lara had been out partying with the staff all the night before and they knew for a fact that my name was "Lala!" and not "Claire." Is this a felony? And thank you for the update on Claire's financial status from: 1. An email from our favorite web helper Andy 2. An email from Claire's mom 3. a very public blog post from Claire's mom and 4. An email from a travel website that is now frustrated with Claire.


Bazza said...

Hi Girls. It would be nice to think that "hola pola hola" means "i want beautiful beer"!
Great blog!

SavvySunshine said...

LMAO @ Bazza and "I want beautiful beer"!

I love that!


Another twentysomething said...

One thing I enjoy is that you two never seem to get a "this is getting old" attitude. That is, you always seem genuinely glad and appreciative of the opportunities you have on your travels. So I'm happy to hear that Thai translations are funny to you still. :)

Stickler said...

My friends have told me how wonderful the language is over there, and how by just in the inflection of the vowel the word changes entire meaning.

But at least you know how to order a beer, the only important sentence in any language!

bbop said...

Maybe if you don't take every word literally and switch the order of the words around and put the "Who" first it could read something like this:
"Who have known real love?"

chirapat said...

I'm thai but I have absolutely no idea what Hola! or Pola! means in thai words. LOL

But it's fun to learn thai words, or broken english that we use,I'm tellin' you that. :)

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