Day 158: We Are Getting Soft

We planned to spend last night in the Ho Chi Minh City airport and were feeling appropriately prepped for such an event. Tired to the point that makes it okay to sleep on floors and with all our relevant things like 5 toiletry bags in Claire's case and zero toiletries because she forgot about the entire event in Lara's.

But then we got on a shockingly swanky vietnam airlines jet that was nicer than most of the ones we've ever flown in Europe (yes, I mean YOU, Alitalia). After being warned 20 minutes after take-off and an hour before landing that we were beginning our descent, we both passed out sitting up.

We feel the plane must have ruined our willpower, because after having some bag complications (to be discussed later...we take advantage of airlines. muahahaha), we checked into a nice-ish hotel and watched VH1 shows about hot celebrity bodies. It was lovely, but hard to turn off. Happily, the man upstairs ended up being sick all night, so Claire spent the evening resenting Lara's ability to sleep through everything and hating whatever got the man that way.

So now: off to Cambodia! all-day bus to Phnom Phenh, baby, then on to Siem Reap. Work calls, you know. Hopefully Lara can throw out her back again, Claire can get some sleep, and we can make it past the Cambodian authorities without them noticing exactly how much crap we're trekking into their country.

Country #11, here we come.

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