Day 159: We Are Not in Thailand, Don't Worry.

Siem Reap, Cambodia and specifically our hotel room here, smells like dog food. We don't know why. We are glad to be here, and not in Bangkok, which sadly sounds like a mess. So far, we have run in the room (jump rope included), had fights with hotel personnel regarding wifi problems, looked at the pool in the torrential rain, and eaten dinner at a place Dead Fish.

So the video editor man, in a very professional conference call, told us that we need to have more structure. Structure being our middle name, we are sure that you will find these videos highly streamlined.

This one is about a medical concern.


Seismic_Pirate said...

Ha! You guys rule. I still can't believe you travel like this. I gave you a little shout and a thanks on my blog cause I found the little map on your site. My buddy was right-you girls are cute, even with messy hair;) But I can't say that since I'm married.

Have fun out there!

ps. Today was Talk Like a pirate Day!

SavvySunshine said...

Oooh. A rash! That's so funny. I have the funniest images of y'all, asking each other to check out weird bumps and rashes. It's a good thing you two are close!


chirapat said...

Although it sounds like a mess but actually it's not that serious.

Thailand will be just fine. :)

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