Day 162: Sad Day for a NonFreeLance

Thanks everyone for all the wonderful emails and comments about my dad's case (even though, for some of our readers, you don't know him personally.) It means so much, so please know that Lance starts his mornings with this blog, and Claire is checking hourly. So people read your kindnesses and appreciate them!

As you may have heard, Judge Jeffrey White says Lance Williams and Mark Fainaru-Wada will go to jail for the maximum sentence. We heard hundreds came to protest, and it sounds like an amazing amount of support literally carried my parents through the courthouse. Mark and Lance will now appeal to the Ninth Circuit to try and not be imprisoned. Barbara Williams says that if they thought Cathy Sheehan was a problem they haven't seen BBop yet. We're not exactly sure what this means, but, well. Finally: an athlete still has yet to go to jail for illegal doping. Here is Lawyer Lana, wearing her FreeLance T-shirt. Thanks for everyone's support!

P.S. This is a special note to the high school friend of my mother's who wrote her yesterday saying that actually Lance should go to jail. Your name begins with a vowel and you used to eat gravy out of cans after school in Ohio, I hear. As Lance's wife's daughter, I would like to say that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, providing they are not a raging idiot at life in general. However, in this case, Emily Post/Mrs. Manners/God/Nice People would have told you not to write my mother saying that her husband should indeed go to jail immediately after he was sentenced for 18 months. As it's kind of a hard week for BBop, and BBop is not really interested in your opinion right now (or ever, if we're being honest). If you need help figuring out what to write people like BBop, please reference positive and encouraging posts in this comment section from nice individuals like Nick!


Lana said...

i dont really think it's necessary to have both front-shots there. i assumed you'd pick your favorite. but i appreciate the sentiment. and i know its all out of love, and because you think i'm hot in my scrubby protest clothes.

if your dad goes through with the sentencing i'm going to change it to "Free Lance". and then i'll send more pictures. because i'm SO hot. I LOVE YOU GIRLS!

Proshat said...

It's Proshat. Thanks for mentioning my blog a few posts away. I do enjoy reading your blog & I hope you would have a gret time.

sarah mac said...

hi ladies...i just found this and thought claire might appreciate seeing it (if she hasn't already) if only as testament to the support that lance and mark have...

i'm personally disappointed that the prayers of everyone supporting claire's dad and mark did not result in a lightening bolt from the heavens striking judge jeffrey white on the head and instantly rendering him lucid enough to recognize the importance of the FIRST AMENDMENT.

will the judgement be appealed?

free lance & mark!!!!

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