Day 167: The Travellators

This is the Singaporean name for the moving walkways, but we have now co-opted it for our own use. Now we only speak of ourselves by title. "The Travellator is going to get her bags." "This Travellator is sick of the McDonald's ads playing on repeat." You get the idea. We find this funny because we have very few outlets for social interaction beyond ourselves.

We are in the Singapore airport. And we have been for a couple of hours now. We have yet to get our bags. We have yet to go through immigration. We have yet to do anything, in fact. We have discovered the delights of coffee shops that sell real cappuccino, and free internet in a clean terminal. And, obviously, we had to shop for a new camcorder for improved video footage.

We feel this is a very 8-months o' travel syndrome, whereby we feel completely at home in the airport and somehow feel it has everythign we need. Like bathrooms with toilet paper AND paper towels.

Sigh. We think this is heaven.

Diana! We're coming!!!!


Claire and Lara said...

i forgot all about immigration...good point lara! but these apple dippers and iced milos at mickey-ds are WONDERFUL.

violetvirus said...

Haha..dat is why lots of us end up going over to air port to study here in singapore...Hope you have a great time here!

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