176: Meet Rory and Bruno, Jokes in Paris

One of the interesting parts of coming to Paris for me (Claire), was in meeting up with my high school best friend, Writer Rory. She's been mentioned on this blog before, like when we are referencing her latest article on things French in the Washington Post, or when we are linking to pictures of her and French boyfriend Bruno for no particular reason. For a number of strange reasons, we have not seen in each other in five years (four of which she has been in France for), and so the first meeting several days ago came with much anticipation. We were pretty much the same, though, although now Rory has eight pairs of cute vintage French boots. As Rory said, she's learned to stop waiting for people from your past to actually be any different.

Since anything worth doing is worth over-doing, I am now staying with Rory for five days in her adorable apartment. One feature of her apartment I plan to steal for life purposes when I settle down and find an apartment of my own is this: One wall is covered with framed polaroids of everyone that has ever come stepped foot in the apartment of Rory and Bruno. A great, hysterical, idea - and you only get one shot with your photo. Rory says she has a pretty good eye for which girls are going to ask you to retake it because they think they look fat. Now Little Tony and I (who left Paris today to return to college in Oregon) grace the wall.

So, to start off the Rory and Bruno videos, here are some about French jokes. Specifically, the French jokes are those my mother had to copy down in her 7th grade French class. She saves scraps of paper, apparently, because she brought the copied down jokes to France for Rory and Bruno to be baffled by. Needless to say, none of them are very funny.

That was first. This is second. Although it doesn't really matter.

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SavvySunshine said...

I love it! That's hysterical that y'all are actually sitting around looking at your mom's french note/jokes from 7th grade. Oh that's fabulous!

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