Day 175: Lara Is Professional

Today I had an appointment at 11 AM. I decided I was sleepy; so pushed it back to two. Fell asleep in the sun and barely made it. Professional!

Went still in my bikini, had no pen, had to borrow one from the woman I was interviewing. Professional!

Managed to keep it together through the course of the meeting, but left with my laptop to go wander through cyberland a while to look Professional! I feel the laptop covers all manner of sins.

So I have since been dealing with emails from my 8 million other jobs; one told me I was a Genus! and another said I was lazy. These things cancel each other out, and I feel that overall the day was quite productive.

Fore more things deeply unprofessional, listen to this answering machine message, that Diana the Singaporean Diplomat recorded for her suite during college at Georgetown in 2003. We listen to this on particularly unfunny days, and now it's a real sound file!

Don't call us when you are highly offended (NB: linguistically, "high" and "deep" are the same words in some languages).

P.S. from Claire: This clip should go with an actual post about things like marriage (mine and Lara's), but I am still editing that, so just watch this, an excellent video from the NY Times Wedding Vows section, in which Charles Walters and Sarah Davies travel the world together and then get engaged and things. Thanks Rory!

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