Day 182: Dont' Worry, the Idiots are, um, FINE

Thanks for the concern everyone, we really appreciate it. For future reference, though (and this can be directed at mother people in particular, but also our new Mongolian friends Steph Padrez's Russ and Blogger Sarah Mac's boyfriend): If we are blogging about it, everything is probably not that bad.

Indeed, the goat rodeo at the China-Mongolia border town has not stopped. As usually happens on this trip, the logistical nightmare days actually aren't really that bad. In fact, we ended up having a great 48 hours being stranded in this town, which is a like Reno after the apocalypse, or the set of Northern Exposure. We went running some, which entertained the population, we tried to eat in restaurants, which also entertained said population, and we even tried to get money out of banks, which was most hysterical for the slightly mean townspeople.

But we are getting on a train really soon, we hear. And the hostel in Beijing took complete responsibility for the passport forgetting, sending a little courier man on a bus for 14 hours to pass along the visa-trodden tome (linquistical FYI: a passport cannot be a tome, even when you have extra pages). Our ethics kicked in, shockingly to us, when they offered to foot the 100 USD in train fare charges due to the debacle. Because, I mean, we were really the greater idiots in this situation.


FarmerM said...

If I knew where the smiley face function was you'd be looking at a page of them!

Glad those guardian angels are being so diligent otherwise I would have to go into a mama rant.

stay safe darlings!!!!

Tim said...

They sent a courier all that way to deliver your passport? Wow- talk about customer service.

sarah mac said...

well carry on then and whatever you do, don't drink the tea in mongolia...i hear it's terrible. jake brought plenty of his own assam from trader joe's and also an impressive collection of miniature self-hygiene products that i think will certainly impress product-appreciative claire.

alphawoman said...

Glad you all are safe and sound and continuing the journey!

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