Day 195: For Your Consideration

We are proud to call among our friends and blog readers many
intelligent, creative individuals who use their smarts in interesting
ways to entertain us. One, Jessica of the
having-run-two-marathons-with-impressive-times, is a graduate student
at UC Berkeley. In a recent research project, she discovered the

We have been laughing, and analyzing, for days. We now want to be on
Wikipedia, if only to be listed between #11's "Irukandji Jellyfish"
and #13's "Wii."

The project? 30 most visited pages in Wikipedia in August of 2006:

1. Home page
2. Wikipedia
3. United States
4. List of big-bust models and performers
5. JonBenet Ramsey
6. List of sex positions
7. Wiki
8. Hurricane Katrina
9. Pluto
10. List of female porn stars
11. Irukandji jellyfish
12. Pornography
13. Wii
14. World Wrestling Entertainment roster
15. Jeff Hardy [professional wrestler]
16. Pokemon
17. September 11, 2001 attacks
18. Celebrity sex tape
19. Neighbours [Australian soap opera]
20. Warren Jeffs [polygamist cult leader]
21. C programming language
22. Sasuke Uchiha [fictional anime character]
23. Volkswagen Type 2
24. Priyanka Chopra [Miss World 2000]
25. Morocco
26. Nicole Scherzinger [lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls]
27. United States Air Force
28. Batman
29. List of gay porn stars
30. Tupac Shakur



bbop said...

Hi girls, I hope you made it to Cairo after your adventures in Irkutsk.

Claire-Do you remember that game Memory that you used to play at birthday parties where the host brought out a tray of items and you you got 30 seconds to look at them and then write down as many of the items as you could remember? Well, you have to play that game again. Air France found your box in Paris, opened it and now need you to identfy some of the items in it before they will return it. They need brand names listed on or in the box (they mentioned Colgate?), clothing items (scarves?), gifts (wooden tray?). Send me a descriptive list. They also need to know how many total bags you checked in at Singapore.

Anonymous said...

here's a maybe-not-so-way-out suggestion: before you get on the plane, whip out your handy digital camera and take a photo of your baggage tags, making sure the numbers come out clearly.

you might also want to store soft copies of your passport (the photo page and any other visa pages) on your computer/ online in your emailbox, so that you can access these documents in case anything happens.

Claire and Lara said...


Some things in the box:

Six Nepali Masks

One package of impotant hotel documents on every hotel we've done a spotlight for. Including the copied Lonely Planet pages of Kenya. Wish we had those.

Lara's scarves

One Nok Airlines black tshirt that says, "I want to be a Jumbo Jet when I grow up"

One pair of glasses in a case.

Several bottles of Vitamin B/Zinc/Acidopholus

One Singaporean Eye Cream

One Mosquito Net

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