The Deal With Pictures

So. We have been technologically upgrading recently: new video camera, new videos, new photo host. In other words, exciting things that we do not fully understand.

Here's how our actual still pictures break down as a result

The first half of our trip so far including:

European Adventures
Nepal and Everest

can be found at

but NOW we're using flickr. so everything else including [ew squished mosquito on my computer screen]:


is at Flickr and you can click on the nifty pic in the side bar. ( we won't talk about how long that took me to put in or how many people I called in to help.)



alphawoman said...

Wow those pictures were fascinating! It makes me want to jump in a plane and get over there and see them too! I marvel at the ingenuity it took to build them and all the deaths that occurred on that scared ground.

Lana said...

you girls are so pretty. like, f'ing smokin hot.

Lana said...

oh my god you girls are SO CUTE. i just saw them ALL and WHO on earth did you get to take all those ridiculous (read: awesome) photos in front of the pyramids!?!?! HAHAHA!! i'm obsessed!

i wish you would have taken one picture "holding" the pyramid, you know? like pinching the top. that would have been a winner. mental note for next time.

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