Day 203: Dougie Howser, HBO's Real Sports, and Karen Blixen

Here are some facts about filmography, the media, and celebrities. Some of them (shockingly) relate to our day in Kenya.

1. The Constant Gardener (by Holly's fave John Le Carre) was at first not allowed to be screened in Nairobi due to its story of corrupt Kenyan officials.

2. Karen Blixen's real life house was not used in the filming of Out of Africa because it was too small and dark. Instead, they made a fake house set nearby that then had to be torn down as per some sort of legal restrictions. If you do go to her real house, which is now a museum, and pay the whopping 800 Kenyan Shilling (11 USD) entrance fee, you can learn fascinating things. For instance, she had syphillus for the last 40+ years of her life (her husband gave it to her), and she took arsenic for this ailment for 15 years.

2.5 Just up the road from Karen Blixen's house is the spot where Lord Errol in the true life crime story, White Mischief (book and movie, again Holly's faves) was killed. Same era. Same crazy colonists/colonialists (wait, which word is correct?).

3. Because no one tells us things, we were not aware that HBO's Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel (Mumble) did a piece on Lance and Mark this week. We found this news on their website. Meanwhile, the email I did get from my father today was another idiosyncratic forward from the Berkeley community forum E-Tree about someone needing to transfer to a new cat psychiatrist.

4. Finally, we have learned important news: Dougie Howser is gay! Claire was a little sad, because he was her secret crush during all things adolescent. But you know, he's happy.

5. Special positive energy going out to one Miss County Fairgrounds today!

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Lana said...

oh my gosh i KNEW doogie was gay! and not just bc his name was doogie, but bc i could just tell! i called that shit in like, 6th grade!

alright doogie!

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