Day 216: The Lag of the Jets

Well, it's 4:30 AM. Absolutely my normal wake up time. I'm not even craving coffee. Shocking, isn't it, Clara?

I recently got off the most cramped plane in the land becuase the 50-year-old dude in front of me resolutely kept his chair all the way back even though he was leaning forward watching the teenage girls in the trash teenage drama John Hamilton Must Die WAY too closely. I couldn't even open my laptop in the space provided (literally...the screen was pushed to such an angle I couldn't see the thing) and so I took a page out of the book of the three-year-old behind me and started subtly kicking the seat. She wasn't so subtle, apparently, but she was behind Kelly, so my only opinion about her behavior comes from the thuds of her little feet landing on kelly's back, which to me seemed quite subtle. But my kicking proved useless--so no sleep for the wicked, and seat-kicking is decidedly wicked.

So when I came home and fell into my bed I was excited. However, in the last two days, I have had some problems. Night #1 I came home and got talking with the 'rents. Or rather my mother and I got talking; my father tried to talk but fell asleep in the middle of one of my stories. Apparently, his long-lost daughter and her stories of world travel are boring. He did wake up enough to say he liked my mullet, however, so we appreciate his effort if not his performance.

I was so exhausted by 10 PM, I decided to follow my dad's lead, check my email and pass out. My body had other ideas, and I was awake until past five.

Cue last night: passed out into my dessert at 9 PM and am now happy and jolly and active at 4:30. Woke up with thoughts of going running, which I don't believe has ever happened to me before. Of course, it's pouring rain and dark outside, so really when I say 'thought about it' I mean that I tripped over my sneaker when I went to get some cake for breakfast, thought about how those are usually used for running rather than doorstops, and simultaneously noted that it is raining outside. I am now feeling virtuous becuase I am not running, but it is clearly the fault of the weather rather than my laziness and fear of cake-induced cramps. Ack deadline.

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