Day 218: We Never Exagerate and Mt. Kenya´s Ducky Dennis

Because Lara and I are married, basically, and have so many joint email accounts, sometimes it is fun to happen upon items that aren´t actually for me. Here is an email from Ducky Dennis, Lara and Kelly´s Mt. Kenya guide of the famed It´s Not A Booty Call Incident spoken about in her recent post on Day 215. In this email, Ducky Dennis defends himself against Lara´s Day 215 post, which he found online. He claims, I´m sure to Lara and Kelly´s mocking/ery, that the 4 am phone call he recieved on Mt. Kenya as they neared the summit was *not* an inappropriate lady love. It´s also good to note that Lara makes everyone the world over interact with her about her adorable (they are, really) niece and nephew.

Hello Lara&Kelly,

I know you got home safely coz i happenedto look at the website you gave me and happened totrip on some funny phrases.Its good for you to be home at last after not beenaround for more than eight months(Lara).Hope your family and friends were happy to see you again.And ofcourse you were happier to see your niece and nephew.

From the website,i saw you still did not believe meabout the booty call young ladies.

God knows it was not one and we happen not to have reception any where onour way up the Summit.Whatever happened with the alarm not ringingagain,heavens know better.I must have switched it ofcoz it was supposed to ring after every hour,i always do it everytime i go to the summit to time my self.

Anyway,you were a nice company and very friendly toall.Please get to know that i was not offended in anyway by you asking me questions.Thats what am supposed to do,answering every questions no matter how manytimes the clients repeat it,'are we there yet?'.It was really good of you coz you were so interestedto know more about my country,my life ,my family and just anything around me.Please keep on keeping on and take care.Will i missyou American girls.......?Ha ha ha you remenber this!

Are you soreDennis?Can we call you Ducky?why do you have to wear yellow suit?ha ha ha was nice reading that onthe web.Keep the fire burning and enjoy your weekend. Ducky Dennis.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

i still think it was totally a booty call. i mean, he knows how to use the bastardized version of 'cuz (coz). let's not fool ourselves...

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