Day 230: Running Around Boston

Well, after an "eventful" Thanksgiving, which I will write about later, I am currently back in Boston. I am at Kelly's work, specifically, hoping I do not get mistaken as a sales person. This is actually wishful thinking, as I am currently looking homeless (again...old habits die hard) and she works in a swanky retail store. She is on the phone fighting over things like half million dollars of missing inventory while simultaneously trying to sell dresses that cost thousands of dollars.

I do not understand so much of what's going on.

Ah...have to go. They need the computer to use a titanium AmEx card. (I've heard of a black card thanks to Jessica Simpson...this is made of metal. woooo)

Claire,...we're home, but this is not so much my world right now. But it's all SO PRETTY. I get to flounce around and pick up bags that I pretend are mine.


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know that I came upon your profile at Christian Cafe, and enjoyed your profile. I am also a Presbyterian.

I am also very sorry to hear about your father, as I am a big sports fan, and support everything that his book did.

Anyway, Lord bless you!


SavvySunshine said...

Y'alll are so cute. I woul;d imagine that you talk on the phone, im, and e-mail each other, like, 10 times a day and you're still talking to each other through the blog!

trippingonwords said...

Thanks DP! Who are you? My mail doesn't open from there anymore...

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