Day 232: To Vegas

It has been two weeks since we have last seen eachother, and here are the things I have to say to Lara as soon as I surprise her, and all our friends, videocamera in hand, in the airport. When we travel and talk about nothing we regularly have strings of things in our heads and notebooks that we want to look up, and so these answers come from my extensive investigations.

1. The three countries where a US citizen can get the quickest adoptions possible are, in descending order, China, Kazakstan (even after Borat I'm worried I'm not spelling this right), and Guatemala.

2. The late Quintana Roo Dunne (Daughter of Joan Didion and the late John Dunne) did die three months before publication of The Year of Magical Thinking *but* still after the manuscript was written.

3. Singapore is a country.*

*Technically, we learned this fact 5 years ago thanks to the online CIA world factbook, as we decided this is what we really needed to be doing at 3 am in the university library before a very difficult final in a topic having nothing to do with geography, or Asia, or really anything remotely related. It's always good to remember, though, now that we've been there and all.

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