Day 239: Bringing Back the Age of the Dressing Gown

Claire somehow managed not to mention that actually when ourselves asked ourselves who won the game, the answer was kinda sorta Team Tight. Go Steph and Lara!

This is interesting and shocking because had we taken bets as to who is one of The Game’s weakest links, the answer (from everyone including Lara) would undoubtedly have been Lara. But Ha! However, we should also revisit the fact that Lara did not remember what year her parents were born until Claire told her, and that most of Lara’s clutch answers were about Claire, which really says very little given that most of them were absorbed less by effort than osmosis.

But now back in Boston. Sniff sniff. Those could be the sounds of my tears because I miss San Francisco, best city in the land; or alternatively it’s the sound of my cold because it is three degrees in Boston. Not used to such weather I dressed what I thought was warmly to go running, as Claire and I are apt to do, and opened the door to partake of the lovely sunny weather outside. I promptly turned around, went back inside, and stomped up the stairs muttering “oh hell no!” and “what is going on?” to myself. Apparently adjusting to my return home has been more difficult than I thought because it never crossed my mind that a run in Boston in December would be challenging weather-wise. I felt vaguely guilty, and made promises to myself to attend hot yoga at 6 AM tomorrow before a brief conversation with my mother about how intention is really important in running kept me feeling virtuous.

I then assessed how much work I had to do, realized it was a lot, and so got into my bridesmaid dress.

My mother (the above picture does not include my mother...this is Claire and I in Vegas receiving our bridesmaids dresses from the hottie bride-to-be shown at center) and I went on to spend the majority of a Mad About You episode discussing the difficulties of hemming on the bias, whether my hair was too big (it is), my boobs too small (affirmative), or my shoes too high (never!). As I went to the kitchen in the floor-length chiffon and satin gown to get coffee, I reflected on the virtues of home. I had laundry going in the basement, hot coffee in the kitchen, and tomorrow mom and I are going Christmas shopping and she promised to get me a Treat! How exciting!

So now I’m out of the gown, and into the library (not of my house…of the town) trying to get some work done away from the distractions of home. Luckily, I remembered the distractions of the internet. I have now spent two hours IM-ing with people or drafting this post (slash rereading the blog) and the woman just came to tell me that the library closes in thirteen minutes. Awesome. Cheers to Lara.

Ah the blog…varying joy for others; constant source of entertainment for Claire and me.

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