Day 267: Alert!


Christina the fabulous newlywed’s bachelorette party in Vegas has been memorialized. Pink Is The New Blog featured a picture of all of us in the Vegas airport with the fabulous at the time bride-to-be and the G-rated side of her Christina welcome to Vegas poster.

It’s like our bachelorette debauchery has become famous, as Lana, the sender-in of the photo, has pointed out. We are impressed by Trent, and proud to be featured.

Shockingly, it wasn't even us who had this idea or who made the poster or who sent it in. We have apparently sucked those near to us into the blog world very thoroughly and productively.

Go Mrs. Leber!!!!


lana said...

it's totally like we're famous.

quit stalling and post some videos from seattle already! or at least email them out dang!

hm, didnt our amazing, honorable friends make "resolutions" for 2007... like, mali's was to post on the blog more.. and sue's would be to email more? let them sit on their thrones... thrones of lies.

Amalia said...

lara and claire - i really think you should post a picture of the OTHER side of the sign. methinks you're ashamed of my artwork...

p.s. i really don't think LA"i slept through yoga"NA should be pointing the resolution-finger at others (BURN!)

SavvySunshine said...

Yay!!!!! Y'all are on PINTB! Woot! I just saw the photo and I had to come over here to congratulate y'all. That is SO cool (yes, I'm a blog nerd and I don't care!).


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