Day 284: TrippingOnWords.Com is Here... has birthed itself!

Now, miraculously, you no longer have to use "blogspot" when finding us. Thank you to all those who helped complete the eight day task. Why it took eight days, we are not sure, but luckily we (Claire) were too busy watching the new reality show about Veterinary Interns on Animal Planet to notice. To clarify, E-Vet Interns is not Meerkat Manor, the Friday night Animal Planet hit in which you "Follow the lives of a 12 inch family that's a lot like yours." E-Vet Interns are actually people sized, and sometimes kind of hot, like Dr. Heather Hadley and Dr. Kevin Drygas.

Even though I now like animals, I don't have too many pictures with them. Here's one though that Court took in Argentina. This sister earns the best email of the award for today, when, in response to a question I wrote about why on earth random person X texted her, she wrote only: "I don't know why X txt messaged me. I assume because X wants me to call or communciate with them." Good point.

In our list of thank-yous, we must first thank Lynne, who originally owned She happened to see our depressive post about the fact that the domain was taken, and commented on it saying we could have it. The rest of the story can best be told by Will, who knows technology, and is patient with us. Lynne then wrote a great piece on the transfer, and why she was so nice to give it to us for FREE!

The best part of is that we get new, even snazzier email addresses. Now, you can write your daily diary entries to,,, or even, which is the one I'm sure that our tech buddy team of Will-Jonathan-Andy will be making use of.

P.S. At an annual Crab dinner party last week I met Chris, a hysterical Nurse who talks about the nitty gritty of his job at his blog: Ms. Bradshaw Taught Me Everything I Know.

P.P.S. If you're an American single person, and looking to move where the boys and/or girls are, check out this new map of America. In sum, single women should move West, and single men should move East.

P.P.P.S. As for non-singles, I heard today that some man started a website to raise 2.5 million dollars to ask his girlfriend to marry him in a SuperBowl commercial. Who would donate to this I cannot imagine. Then, some anonymous company picked up on the idea, paid the money, and now there's a SuperBowl commercial (and ring) paid for by some company out there that will be airing alongside the Jessica Simpson and KFed commercials. Really, people? Is that the best we can do with 2.5 million?


Jonathan said...

What happened to spamlinkybox?

Also, clearly single women should not move west and single men east. Then we would end up in the same dilemma.

Single women should move west. Period.

(Single men moving east would just result in mass depression due to the suckiness of the east).

SavvySunshine said...

Congrats on moving to a new domain! Are you going to migrate over there and not update here or are you going to update here as well. Gotta keep my blogroll in order, you know!

Jonathan - The East is NOT sucky, just humid.

jenais said...

Here's my fundamental problem with this map: it does not address sexual orientation. When you subtract the number of gay men from San Francisco, us single ladies are still getting the short end of the stick. There is zero chance I believe that there are more single men out here than women. This is best evidenced by the physical characteristics of San Francisco couples. Typically you see totally hot women with average looking dudes. If guys were in such abundance, it should work the other way around. Tell those map people to do a more comprehensive survey.

Jonathan said...

Jenais, you are wrong. By the numbers, that is. You have to consider the whole bay area, not just SF (which is of course going to be weird).

You're right about the average-dude / better-looking-girl thing, though. But that's just because Silicon Valley jobs attract unattractive dudes (to make mean generalizations).

Or maybe I'm just wrongly extrapolating from my own social network, where when a new girl shows up at parties, 8 or 15 of us guys gather around like hungry wolves...

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