Day 291: Happy February!!!

If you are reading this, my internet is back up.


It has been a slightly frustrating day o’ technology because apparently there are some strong winds somewhere between this island and some other relevant area of the world that have limited crucial communication lines.

Or this is what I have decided.

I believe it will be clear from this probably ridiculous concept that I do not really understand technology or this wild and crazy thing called the Internet, but I know when it works and when it doesn’t. Claire and I have identified Internet Anxiety regarding our Mozilla Firefoxes’ availability, speed, and censorship in various countries as the main source of stress in our lives. With jobs that depend on this magical WorldWideWeb, the fickle nature of our various international internet connections is a point more maddening than one can imagine. Our efforts to solidify these tenuous links to the outside world have revealed, for me at least, a disturbingly suspicious nature. I find myself convinced that opening specific combinations of doors and windows to a perfect degree will create certain cross breezes that will help me find internet access; or that the third time I restart my computer really will be the charm. Sadly, since I never really learn more about what’s going on, these efforts do occasionally create results, so I feel my actions are Important and Effective. And it’s easier to blame my actions than something I do not understand when it does not work because it allows for Hope that maybe when I do it right, I will win.

But this is a constant in my life and the Turks and Caicos Islands of the Caribbean (where I am currently) are not. So I should be writing about them. However, what I did at them today was lounge at a luxury hotel, get quite sunburnt, lounge on a raft in the it-must-be-artifical-it-is-just-so-perfect blue ocean, and then mess with a combination of screens and glass doors to find the pro-Internet cross breeze. We also mixed it up with riotous games of Yahtzee and WordWhomp. WordWhomp is a variation of the smack-gophers-in-the-head arcade game that is embarrassingly stupid, particularly with its graphics fit for a four year old. But it is also embarrassingly addictive, and Kelly and I have to unplug the computer and wait for it to die to get us to quit.

Check out an online version HERE.

It was the epitome of a quiet but perfect day. Apparently the pictures will have to wait for when I return to normal internet, or find the correct way to angle the porch door to allow for photo uploading capabilities.

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lawyer lana said...

i can tell lara wrote this after the first 2 lines, bc really, when would claire ever say "hurrah!" ???

i miss lara and claire!

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