Day 297: More Wedding Fun

Back in Newport, of sunshine. And very little snow. Which means that when I skiied over my own ski pole and belly flopped on the green circle trail it was more painful than entertaining. Except for those around me--which considering it was 5 degrees out and a Wednesday afternoon--was only one person. But they laughed.

Though I had a good day with my friend from high school, I can not remember anything that happened aside from biting it on the slopes and my post-spaghetti pre-pineapple-upside-down-cake fight in my ongoing battle to make men clean up after the dinner they did not help make. Or to make them at least feel guilty for just sitting there and spectating the clean up around them. arrrggghhhhh....

But more entertaining than rehashing that now 23-year-old family argument is movies! While still from the wedding, they are less wedding themed. Enjoy--

Meet Fulton, he loves the ladies/women.

Some ridiculous wedding clips in which Claire shows off her camera and dancing skills and introduces her insane friends (me included)


Anonymous said...

i love the door slamming in claire's face!

Anonymous said...

by that i meant i thought it was funny!

Claire and Lara said...

Lara: Why was it a 23 year argument?
You're 25.
Not 23.
And not 21, like you wrote in that email the other day. Get on it.

lara said...

I only started talking at 2. Duh.

lawyer lana said...

those video clips were funny. robby looked warped, and us girls looked nuts.

MORE VIDEOS! unless they're embarassing. then keep them to yourself. ;) wink wink.

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