Day 302: A Weekend Run with the Real Housewives

by Claire.

When people ask how a reality television watching addict began watching marathons (which they don’t of course, but let’s pretend for the sake of this post) this is the deep wisdom I impart: The major difference between running marathons and just running to stay in shape is that you put in one good long day of running each week.

Aside from your regular keeping in shape running, to run a marathon you have to do one weekly long run, which people who don’t freelance usually call their Weekend Runs. The Weekend Run is one day in which you, over the course of weeks and months, build up to the point that, at a very slow pace, you can run for a very, very, very long amount of time.

And it’s psychological, too, in that over the course of months you get high on the fact that you’ve never run as much as you did on last week’s Weekend Run. And so the next weekend it’s easier to increase the Weekend Run a little bit more and more. And then eventually you’re running around a 20 mile practice run a couple times before you start tapering for the 26.2 mile marathon day.

Today was a Weekend Run for me. And it was beautiful, and I was supposed to go outside, but then I turned on Real Housewives of the Orange County for the first time while I was eating oatmeal. And then I became, very quickly, very addicted. So I did my Weekend Run on the treadmill in front of an episode, and then I pretty much spent the rest of the day working and rewarding myself with four hour long breaks to watch Real Housewives of the Orange County, as it was on all blessed day. Both seasons. Now it’s night-time, and it’s still on, and I’m still here, pretending to work.

What’s interesting about television marathons is that I don’t think I feel particularly motivated to do it again tomorrow, even though I did love it dearly.

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