Day 326: Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity I Jogged (sorta)

I do not know if other families say this, but for some reason whenever my family pulled into the driveway after a long car trip, someone would pipe up “home again home again, jiggity jig” (or jog…whichever). I have no idea why this is.

Anyway, the thought occurred to me late last night as I pulled up to Karen Kottage, this GORGEOUS little Kenyan villa that in a matter of days always becomes a home away from my home-in-transit situation back home. Two bedrooms, kitchen, backyard, wifi, picnic tables and patio. Love it. Makes me feel like a British colonist, which I guiltily acknowledge feels wonderful.

I had a (happily) uneventful plane ride here. Watched a couple of movies—Stranger than Fiction=GREAT, romantic terminal illness as performed McDermott and Peet=CRAP—slept a wee bit, ate lots of bad food. Highlight: British Airways Lounge in Heathrow Airport. This is a previously unexperienced joy. Brought to me by Claire’s friend Jonathan who is a Good Person in that he is helping Claire and I with the orphans and accompanying me around Nairobi. However, lots of people do things like this, so he reaffirmed his Good Person status by doing things like cooking dinner and allowing me to run slowly and eventually walk during our exercise spurt today. I blame the altitude—Nairobi is a mile high city so this is a legit-ish reason.

But, back to the lounge. It was lovely. I made myself a latte. I had European extra creamy peach yogurt. I brushed my teeth without 10 spectators. Sigh of contentment. It has come up about every ten minutes since then. I am considering getting over my commitment phobia so I can accrue enough miles on a single airline to enjoy such privileges.

Scratch all of that. New highlight: it’s raining here. Hard. Loud. Sounds, smells, feels rainy everywhere now.

Highlight for those at home worrying: I am now “on drugs” to keep myself from getting “malaria.” Which I suppose is good.

But mostly we just sat around and pined for CLAAAIIIIRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who needs to come faster!

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claire said...

I'm getting on a plane NOW with 10 checked bags!


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