Day 335: Internetting Continued

by claire a. williams,

Our internet situation is the following:

We live in an apartment on the bottom floor of the main building of the orphanage. On the top floor is a computer cluster, where we can take our cell phones and laptops to in order to connect. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it does not. It is always exceedingly slow, and we certainly can’t do things like upload pictures from here.

But we do our best to keep in touch. Or to keep others in touch at least.

You may remember back in November, when we put up some signs in Nairobi asking for penpals for our friend, Lawyer Lana. She was a little mad about it, but in a way that was only funny and entertaining to us. We wrote a post about it, which I would link to if I could log into blogger and were not posting this via email.

In any case, Lana is still getting e-suitors. The most recent wrote saying:

I am a medical Doctor and wish to respond to your
request about penpals. I am a Tanzanian currently in
practice in
Kenya. Hope to hear more from you that i
am qualified or disqualified.


Dr. XXX.

The moral of all this is not to give out friends’ email addresses on fliers in random countries. In case you did not already know this.


Adam said...

i was up on that tree too - how come i never got any suitors?

lawyer lana said...

oh girls. the best is that he attached a photo, hahahaa. glad i'm still providing entertainment for you all - all while the poor doctor just sits in nairobi, awaiting my reply...

this one wasnt as bad as the last one. i'll make sure to forward all of them to you, so that your adoring readers can laugh every time...

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