Day 353: The First (??) Orphan-Written Blog on the Web -

by claire and lara,

We are so excited today to be introducing what we believe is one of the first OVC (orphans and vulnerable children) - written blogs on the internet.* This has been in the works for some months, but finally came to fruition tonight when the first batch of posts from the Tumaini kids went up. We cannot express how excited we are about this, and really hope that you will check us out.

We know that we ask much of our blog readers, friends, and family. This time, though, what we're asking is a bit easier than making tax deductible donations to Hope Runs ( or getting on a plane to come to our flagship site out here in Kenya.

Really, all we need you to do is go to and leave a comment for one of the awesome Tumaini kids who has agreed to talk about their life as a part of this new technology-without-borders project a la Lara and Claire. We cannot possibly express how meaningful the few comments we have so far have been to the kids and teenagers participating, and so we beg you to help us out.

*If you can find others, please alert us, as our research has come up empty!

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