Day 367: Head Shaving

The children - boys and girls of all ages - shaved their heads this weekend, as they must do it for school here. In their words, they all look very "smart". In solidarity with the kids, and because they want to look more "smart" as well, Jonathan and Lara have offered to do the same. Lara and Jonathan say they will do it for a small fee. If someone gives Hope Runs fifty dollars, or even one, they claim they will stop talking about this. Please help me (Claire) help them (Lara and Jonathan) help Tumaini.


farmerm said...

I'll give $100 for Lara NOT to shave her head!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me know if it is a deal.

Gabrielle said...


I was about to ask if maybe Melanie would pay you NOT to shave your head...I see she beat me to it!!!

We love your pretty hair LaLa.

I think though that one of my very favorite sights is little girls in party dresses with shaved heads! I think I would be in heaven there....

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