Day 399: The List

by Claire a. Williams,

Getting on lists around here is very important. Getting on lists that go on the kitchen windows of Claire and Lara's apartment for all Tumaini to see, gripe, and haggle over are extremely, extremely, important. It is for this reason that we make lists for everything.

Who must come to read Tumaini kids blog comments on Wednesday.

Who has the Runner's World magazines.

Who needs to return the Runner's World magazines.

Who ran the long run on Saturday.

Who ran the long run on Sunday.

Who has gotten socks from our friend Diana the Diplomat in Singapore.

Who has not gotten socks yet from Diana in Singapore.

Who has to come talk to us about their shoelaces breaking.

Who is 15.

Who has to come ice their leg with tomatoes.

Who is training for the 10K race (everyone).

Who is training for the marathon.

Who wants to do Hero Booking.

Who is doing Hero Booking.

Who has one of the two machines (the CD players for running).

However, in a stroke of sheer genius, Lara has created the most important list at Tumaini to date. After its illustrious inception on Sunday afternoon, as the mostly psychotic primary children gave out water and popcorn to the marathon trainers, she enlisted the help of Edwin, 9, to pen it.

It is the list of Monsters.

Monsters being what we call the children. After much begging and pleading (as, clearly, not just any child can be a name toting Monster), there are now some 40 names on the Monster list on our window.

We are, as ever, proud humanitarians.

1 comment:

Radioactive Jam said...

Absolutely brilliant. You will someday post the ever-growing monster list, yes?

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