Day 401: Good Things

by Claire a. Williams,

Some good things have been happening of late around here.

In no particular order:

* My brother, Little Tony, and his girlfriend, Lauren, have arrived for their month stay here. So far, they have done a fantastic job of being understanding when we showed up six hours late to pick them up in Nairobi, learning the names of small Monsters at an alarmingly rapid rate, and pretending that it is normal when power and water goes off at any time of the day for absolutely no good reason.

* New Sector Alliance, a non-profit strategy consulting firm in Boston, has made Hope Runs their Pro Bono summer case! This means we get a full time 10 week employee from Boston to work on making Hope Runs legitimate. Little does dear Maddie know yet what she's getting herself into, as we are quite a case indeed. Although we fear for her, we cheer for us.

* The extra luggage Tony and Lauren brought with them held more than merely donated running shoes, Crystal Light to improve the children's dreaded post-run Glucose Drink, a laptop for the kids, crayons, and sixty books. Thankfully, as Lara says, "my brother is dating a good woman," in that Lauren reads celebrity trash magazines on planes. Or at least my mother knows that I would have wanted Lauren to, and thus sent them along.

* It takes a good book to tear me away from learning about whether or not Katie will leave Tom, and why Brit continues to look like a sad, bedraggled alley cat. Luckily, just such a book arrived. Leaving Microsoft to Change the World, about SF-based Room to Read's founder, John Wood, has been recommended highly by many of late. Mom put that in too and it has been summarily devoured.

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Randy said...

Why do you call him littel. PRoblae, he's bigger thun you.

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