Day 406: Renee

by Claire A. Williams,
As I write this, we are sitting in the hospital room of the nicest hospital in Nyeri. Claire and Lara are typing, healthily, on the empty bed as dear Renee lies under a strange metal contraption in the second bed.
Renee, 21, is the patient. Renee was on her way from California on Saturday to volunteer with Hope Runs for a month when a hostess on Virgin Atlantic spilled boiling tea on her. The tea was at such an inappropriate temperature that Renee has second degree burns all over her two upper thighs.
After cutting off her pants, giving her oxygen, and taking her off the plane in a strecher in London, the hospital in the UK she went to declared she was fit to fly. 9 hours later, she arrived in Nairobi, and has been in the hospital since. The burns are not good, we are far from impressed with the care the airline appeared to have given Renee, and we are far from impressed with the food in Kenyan hospitals.
However, we are impressed with Renee. Who is a super star, arriving in Africa for the first time, alone, to be in a hospital bed.

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Radioactive Jam said...

That's horrible! And she must be extra amazing.

Hope you're able to maintain a - I don't know. Strength feedback loop, or something.


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