Day 407: Jimmy Jimmy James on Strike

It's a holiday here, and the children have no school.
In celebration, Jimmy Jimmy James, age 8, has followed in the footsteps of the secondary girls during the Runner's World photo shoot and has gone on strike from running.
The impetus? Lara inhumanely told him to stop eating a metal toy truck he found in the dirt on the road.
It happened this morning, following the finish of a 29 kilometer run in the mud by some of our stellar older boys. One of whom took off his shoes after 5 kilometers to finish barefoot so as to not further muddy his shoes beyond recognition. The secondary girls, along with Lara and Claire, decided to run when the red dirt is a bit more dried up.
As Lara walked back from giving water at the road in the rain for 4 hours, she happened upon Jimmy, crouched suspiciously near the Touch Me Die plants.
The scene unfolded as such:
Lara, with The Little Dictator in tow: Jimmy, what are you doing?
Lara (more concerned): Jimmy, what are you eating?
Lara (angry, like when Missionary Paul found Amendo eating out of the trash can): Jimmy stop eating whatever it is!
Jimmy looks at Lara, with a mix of pleading eyes and true hatred.
Jimmy: Mmmpph.
The Little Dictator: He is eating the machine.
Lara: I KNOW he is eating the machine. Tell him to stop eating the machine.
Jimmy: whimper whimper.
After Lara pries the plastic and metal toy truck from the mouth of Jimmy Jimmy James, his friend The Little Dictator gives the sad summary: He says he will not run now you do not let him eat machine.
Health wise, Lara decided it was better to have Jimmy not run and not eat the truck than to run with a belly of metal. Ah, choices.

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Radioactive Jam said...

Uh... did I miss the post where you explained how eating a plastic and metal toy is like, - what? Fun? Satisfying?

Okay I'm going to go shake my head for a while.

Ha! Even the word verification string is "on board" for this one: fipfu.

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