Day 447: Go Gaptooth, Go!

By lara,


Roola, where are you going? What are you bringing? Did you find your father? You know, I heard that he was doing the nini over by the chamba. Did you find him? He does look like you, lora. School was good today, I did not get in trouble. No! I did not! Yes! I did not! Roola, you are mwenda wazimu! Yes! You are! Troublemaker!


What is this? What is this? It is a hat! Hahahahaha! A mzungu hat! These magazines! They are many! You know, sometimes, it is hard to be a magazine. Yes! No. I am not a magazine. I am a frog. Did your father like the letter I was writing for him that night? Did you read it! You were not to read it. I…I…I…I told crayol that you were not to read it. If she let you read it, she is troublemaker!


Why are you bringing food to Baraka? Are you eating there? You should not go, roola. You should stay here. Tonight I am going to read. I am going to read Kiswahili, English, and Maths! You can help with Maths! And with English! But not Kiswahili! Hahahahahaha.


Do not go, Roola. Where is your mother? Do not take Clayor. Is Clayor sleeping? Is Clayor here? Why am I not hearing Crayol? Maybe Crayol is at Baraka with your nini? With your mother? Where is your father? His name is Frank. Your name is Lora. Clayor’s name is Black Clayon. Hahahahahahahaha!


I will see you tomorrow! Bye!


--by Mary Gaptooth while I packed. No lines from me omitted. The girl can just talk.



Lanita said...

this made me LOL. dilbert head saying go gaptooth. haaaa!

Radioactive Jam said...

What an awesome monologue. I'd have been stunned into a helpless, drooling idiot if I'd heard it. Okay more helpless etc. but still.

You are a strong one.

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