Day 483: How Totally Odd...

By lara,


…to be back in the States again…


The luxury of long baths, organic groceries, family and a monthly phone plan are just phenomenal. Really phenomenal. And don’t get me started on the fast internet…Claire and I have been emailing at a previously unheard of rate just because we can.


It’s amazing though, how easy it is to slip back into everything. My niece and nephew exhaust me, though there are only two to the urphans’ 200, and I find it suddenly burdensome to empty the dishwasher whereas I used to pray for such a device.


But some things are still Kenyan-level frustrating…like my cellphone that constantly cuts out mid conversation because Verizon SUCKS. The fact that cups of iced lattes cost five dollars but just taste so good with all that non-contaminated ice in them.


I love America.


But I really miss the kids. And anyone who understands when I lose a word and have to ask for the “nini.”







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