Day 550: San Miguel

by claire,

For a little over two weeks now, I've been back in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Incidentally, San Miguel was the place much of TrippingOnWords began, when I first moved here in 2004, and Lara moved to Scotland. In my absence, San Miguel has kept chugging along, housing more American ex-pats than it can handle. Yesterday, in an American ex-pat event, I saw the screening of a new documentary about this very conundrum. Lost and Found in Mexico was made by a San Miguel transplant, about the reason that Americans choose to move down here anyway. At one point in the film, one man makes the good point that living in San Miguel is a bit like always being on jury duty. His friends, he claimed, are an unusual lot, people who probably would never have found themselves in the same room in the states, unless they were all serving jury duty together.

In general, though, things are great here. The weather - promised to be equally perfect as Nairobi, Kenya as the best in the world - is indeed spectacular. I've been spending much time with Holly, and her puppy Bo, who was the first dog I actually liked, and who taught me to like the species as a whole. I also bought an orchid for the first time, which supposedly will last me months. Finally, a beggar pointed at my red fingernails today and asked me to buy her nail polish. Obviously.

Work, as always, has been ever present. Of late, Hope Runs has been featured in the San Miguel newspaper, La Atencion, and in the Sacramento Bee. Read the Sacramento Bee article with a grain of salt, though, as the journalist chooses to claim that white people just might get "attacked" in Nyeri where the Tumaini Children's Home is. Nyeri's safe - we promise!

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