Day 555: Google Round Up

by claire, claire@trippingonwords

We haven't heard much of late about who's visiting TrippingOnWords anymore, and so I wanted to enlighten. Yesterday, the following bizarre google searches sadly led people astray to our fine little website.

Blackberry Claire heroes
143 codes I love you
30 random words related to irukandji jellyfish
Claire’s in bahrain
Cathy pacific free alcohol
Game-on perth
Is my study abroad trip tax deductible
Drying and bagging tea
How many Africans become orphans per minute

Then, some more normal google searches that suggest that all our traveling has just been a way to get more names of random tourist sites and/or cities on our website.

Figure skating in Barcelona
777, marathons
Robben Island Mandela Forgiveness
San Miguel de Allende
Mark ghosh runs 100 miles in marathon
Everest base camp blog
Nick Nordberg

And, naturally, it goes without saying that we were the first hit when someone googled "Retainer Lisp."

Best, though, was that someone found us by searching for "Great Running Coaches Words." Sadly, as I remember the prayer the Hope Runs teens made Lara say before beginning the Mt. Kenya marathon ("We have never heard Ms. Lara pray!") I'm sure they were sorely disappointed.

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